Rare diseases of the skin and mucous membranes of genetic origin (MAGEC)

French national reference center for rare diseases of the skin and mucous membranes of genetic origin (North MAGEC)

MAGEC LOGO finaldrapeau françaisThe reference center for rare diseases of the skin and mucous membranes of genetic origin (North MAGEC) at Cochin hospital is a multidisciplinary center of specialists for the management of skin cancers occurring in patients with predisposing genodermatoses. It was accredited in 2017 as a constituent center providing complementary expertise. It is located within the dermatology department of the Cochin hospital, which is one of the AP-HP’s expert centers for the treatment of malignant skin tumours. It also has particular expertise in tumours developing from genetic diseases.

It has :

  • doctors with expertise in oncology (n=7)
  • 3 multidisciplinary consultations: primary skin tumours, metastatic forms and skin lymphomas
  • a surgical day hospital for the removal of skin tumours, including under general anaesthetic
  • a medical day hospital for chemotherapy and follow-up of heavy patients
  • a conventional hospitalization of 13 beds

An announcement consultation has been set up, in accordance with the cancer plan. Multidisciplinary care is facilitated by the presence on the Cochin site, and more widely within the APHP.centre hospital group, of complementary medical specialities, as well as anatomopathology and molecular genetics laboratories with expertise in very specific diagnostic and monitoring examinations.

Within the federation of genetics and genomic medicine of APHP.centre, the department collaborates with the endocrinology, gastroenterology, oncology and molecular genetics departments of the Cochin hospital and the Georges-Pompidou european hospital. Privileged links are also developed within the framework of the PREDIR (familial predisposition to renal tumours) and PRED-IdF (familial predisposition to colorectal cancers) networks with the other oncogenetic centres in the Île-de-France region, in particular: the Pitié-Salpêtrière, Saint Antoine and Bicêtre hospitals and the Curie Institute.

Logo fimaradThis reference center is affiliated with the FIMARAD rare diseases healthcare network and Logo ERN Skinthe ERN Skin European reference network (ERN).

Keywords : Familial melanoma, Lynch/Muir-Torre, Gorlin, CDKN2A, BAP1Multiple cutaneous and uterine leiomyomas, Birt-Hogg-Dubé, Cowden, Carney.

Medical team

Sarah Guegan Magec Cochin

Pr Sarah Guégan

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Secretariat of Pr Guégan : +33 1 58 41 18 06
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Secretariat of Dr Lheure : +33 1 58 41 17 99
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In case of emergency

appel urgence Magec English Cochin

The missions of the reference center are :

  • Care :
    • screening with the identification of predisposing factors (genetic and environmental),
    • diagnosis
    • treatment (surgical and medical) of skin cancers
    • regular monitoring of patients
    • therapeutic education workshops
    • interfaces with patient associations
  • Research :
    • carrying out studies in the framework of translational research in some of the pathologies treated by the reference center
  • Teaching :
    • Courses on the different genodermatoses treated by the reference center at different stages of the medical and paramedical curriculum or in the context of patient associations
Sarah Guegan Magec Cochin

Pr Sarah Guégan
Head of the reference center, dermatologist

Dr Johan Chanal Magec Cochin

Dr Johan Chanal

Docteur Lheure Magec Cochin

Dr Coralie Lheure

Peggy Lelievre Secretaire Magec Cochin

Peggy Lelievre
Medical secretary

  • Management of Xeroderma pigmentosum (Under development)


  • Characterisation of overactivated signalling pathways in giant congenital nevus – Skin biology laboratory-Institut Cochin (In progress)
  • Pre-clinical study models in giant congenital nevus – Skin biology laboratory-Institut Cochin (In progress)
  • GENOSKIN: Characterisation of genetic abnormalities in non-ultraviolet induced mucosal and skin carcinomas – Skin biology laboratory-Institut Cochin (In progress)


  • THERADJNEVUS (study of congenital nevi and melanoma on congenital nevi) (In progress)



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  • 5ème Journée Fimarad 27/11/2020 : Génodermatoses et tumeurs cutanées, Pr Guégan
  • Webinar ERNskin 28/09/21 : Nevus pathophysiology, Melanoma risks and therapeutic expectations, Pr Guégan

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